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Drip, drip, drip..Having plumbing problems? Or, maybe you need some plumbing help. From repairing kitchen faucets to toilet repair and from plumbing tools to everything including the kitchen sink, Repair-Home makes do it yourself plumbing easy. (And if those blocked drains are driving you plumb crazy, stop hyperventilating. We can find you a plumber for the job.) See All Plumbing


We offer comprehensive info on electrical wiring, installing electrical outlets and, especially, electrical safety. Doing home electrical wiring? We'll show you how. (But if that circuit breaker is breaking you down, we'll find you electrical contractors who can get the job done.) See All Electrical
Heating and Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Do you have icicles forming on your nose while you're inside? Perhaps you need home heating and air conditioning help. Learn all about different heating systems including radiant heating, baseboard heating and more. (But when there's so much hot air in your house, you could fry an egg on the floor, please let us help you find a repair guy.) See All Heating & Cooling


Doing some bathroom remodeling? Got bathroom renovations on the go? Perhaps you need some stylish bathroom design or some bathroom decor tips - we're flush with ideas! And if you're looking for some help with the job, we can recommend a contractor for your job. See All Bathroom


Need some ideas for kitchen remodeling? We all have dreams of a perfect kitchen design. From choosing the right kitchen cabinets to designing practical kitchen islands and appliance repair, we'll help that dream come true. (And if you're tired of eating take out and need some help with the renovations, we'll get you a contractor right away.) See All Kitchen


Transform your backyard into an extension of your home. It all starts with a great landscape design. Then there's pool designs, patio designs - even pergola designs. Now it's starting to sound like an oasis. And if your green thumb is in need of chlorophyll, we have information on lawn maintenance and gardening. See All Outdoors
Walls and Floors


Yes, walls can speak. Just give them some stylish wall coverings. Find out about wood paneling and painting techniques. And if you can't stand your wall d,cor, learn about wallpaper removal. A great home improvement tip is to refinish wood floor; smooth, gleaming hardwood floors add flare to any home. If you need help with laying floor tile, Repair-Home can find you a contractor in your area. See All Walls
Home Decor

Home Decor

Home decorating can be fun, yet with so many options, it can be overwhelming at times. First choose the style for your room; French country decor, Tuscan decor and southwestern decor are popular choices these days. If you want to do it yourself, we have some great interior design ideas that will make you look like a pro. See All Home Decor
Home Repair And Tools

Home Repair & Tools

Every home improvement job requires a special tool. We'll introduce you to the important construction tools including woodworking tools, hand tools and drywall tools. Now, with all these building materials, you might just need special tool boxes to store them. And, hey, if you feel like a pro, ever think about wearing those tool belts? See All Home Repair & Tools
Home Building and Improvement

Building & Home Improvement

Every remodeling job starts off with home building plans including detailed floor plans. Next comes the demolition (and a great opportunity to vent off some steam). We can offer you advice on all home renovation jobs big and small, from building modular homes to log homes and from home theater design to closet design. See All Building & Home Improvement
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