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Need Help With Your Home Improvements? Be On Hgtv!


Name: DSI Casting  City: New York

Question: Need help with your home improvements? Be on HGTV! Need some help and motivation to finally get your weekend home projects completed? HGTV is here to help! Steve Watson and his Don't Sweat It (www.hgtv.com/dontsweatit) team will bring their special brand of know-how and assistance right into your home to help you with your projects. The series is filming now with homeowners in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area. If you're an energetic homeowner with home improvement projects to do and you live in the tri-state area, please visit http://casting.citylightstv.com/VerifyAge-DSI.htm to apply. OR go to www.hgtv.com and click on “be on HGTV” and look for Don’t Sweat It. Remember, Watson and his team assist and instruct so family members are expected to take part in every step of the projects. You'll get to cross off those nagging projects on your To Do list and have fun doing it! Casting is an ongoing process, currently reviewing all submissions. Please forward this to friends/family/colleagues/neighbors that might be interested. Thank you, DSI Casting