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Fixing Hole For Deadbolt That'S Too Close To Edge


Name: Svend  City: Stillwater, OK

Question: Decided to install deadbolts on 3 doors and I screwed up on the 3rd one and am wracking my brain figuring out how to salvage the situation. I got distracted working late at night and drilled the big hole 1/2" too close too the edge of the door. As a result, the latch doesn't go in deep enough. I tried hacking out a deeper hole inside just for the latch. I succeeded in making enough room for the latch, but now the angle of the cam (or whatever sticks through and turns the latch) is so funny that the lock can't be installed properly. This door has steel siding. Also, I tried making a new hole--I figured I'd just cover the first hole with a steel plate--but discovered that most of the door doesn't have wood but rather styrofoam inside. The only area with wood appears to be near the door knob, so I think I need to try to fix the 1st hole. How can I expand the hole the rightward so that this can be installed properly?