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Front Door Jam Repair.


Name: Mark  City: Denver

Question: I have a newer place with a wooden front door jam. Forced entry has split the jam around the latches for the knob and dead bolt. can I cut out that section and replace it or do I need to replace the full length of the casing on the door? What is the best way to repair?


Name: The Builder | Date: April 24, 2005, 14:16
Answer: I would recommend replacing the door jamb,but you don't have to.You can as you said cut out a section and replace that,but if you do that you should put some nails or screws above and below the section to prevent the rest of the door jamb from moving.But if someone kicks the door in again,that little section will probably make it easier for them,even though you put fasteners in it.You can also reinforce the section by fastening metal strips to the section and jambs,that will tie them together.