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How Far Apart Are Studs


Name: judi Shidaker  City:

Question: I want to hang shelves in the garage but I'm not sure where the studs are. Tapping with a hammer is not telling me anything. Do they start from the corner and then you measure a certain distance?


Name: homebild | Date: August 25, 2004, 18:13
Answer: Stud distances will be either 24" on center or 16" on center for most standard US and Canadian homes. The best way to locate studs is to locate any wall outlets or switches. The boxes for the outlets and switches are fastened to studs. You can determine which side of the outlet or switch has the stud by tapping with a hammer or driving in a small finish nail. Once you have determined where this initial stud is, measure over 16 or 24" and tap or probe again.