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how to fix a touch lamp?


Name: Billi Shere  City:

Question: Hello everybody out there! I need some help understanding how to fix a touch lamp. The problem goes like this. When i touch the lamp, the light is suppose to go on. There are 3 levels of light brightness. dim, brighter and brightest and then it shuts off if you touch it again. however, when i touch the lamp, it only goes up to one level, the dim level. it doesn't go up to brighter and brightest if i touch it again. I have no idea why this happens. I am fairly new to electricity, so please try explaining everything to me in detail. Please. Oh yah! I a using a 120 voltage system, the bulb is 60 W, and the bulb has LEUCI, MAde in Italy, written on top of it. and then, i found this label that looks like this (It's on the lamp): 220V ~ 60 HZ 40W MaX. E27 CLASS: I USE INDOOR ONLY MADE IN CHINA TEMP: 105c IP20 (|- 1M Another Information i would like to tell you is that I have been using this lamp for about 3 years without any problem. It's small and i put on my bedside table/drawer whatever you call it. Now, It is screwed up for some reason and it only goes up to one level so i cannot turn it off. The only way i can do it is when I pull out the cord. How do i fix a touch lamp? I dont know. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me fix this problem. Billi Shere


Name: tom pollock | Date: November 23, 2004, 17:09
Answer: replace the touch sensor located inside the lamp can find them online for 5 dollars plus shipping. your sensor is a switch that has just worn out. just follow the color code ie blk to blk etc the wiring diagram is on the back of the switch box