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How to paint over wallpaper


Name: donna laforce  City:

Question: I have a kitchen with pre-pasted wallpaper which was also pasted the base was new dry wall. I have been advised that if I were to wet the wallpaper in order to take it down I might ruin the drywall.


Name: Tim | Date: December 15, 2004, 11:09
Answer: I would suggest taking down the wallpaper. "Wetting" the wallpaper should not damage the drywall as long as when you scrape it you don't dig into the drywall. I don't like the look of painted wallpaper. I believe it is worth the time to remove the wallpaper.


Name: homebild | Date: December 16, 2004, 19:57
Answer: Depends on how the drywall was prepped prior to installing the wallpaper....Wallpaper cannot be installed over unsealed drywall and joint compound so your walls will likley have been sealed with a drywall primer, at the very least, before the paper was installed.....Also if that surface was properly sized, you should have little problem in tearing off the surface of the paper, dampening the backer, then scraping it off to remove the paper without damaging the drywall.