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Bryant 383Kav Not Heating Consistently


Name: Kim  City: Milwaukee

Question: The Bryant 383KAV furnace is only 8 years old, installed by previous home owner. I've lived in house for 5 years, with no problems until last spring. The furnace would not consistently kick in to heat the house. Problem is always when it is switching from one programming mode, like "Sleep", to another mode, like "Wake." It will not kick into the new program mode to begin warming the house like it should. I'll then go downstairs, turn off the power, turn on the power and it'll fire up and run correctly during that program cycle. I've had regular maintenance done and guy replaced the ignitor coil. It worked correctly for nearly 4 months, then it started up again. Called same company out and he was baffled. Said if it happened again, he would replace the electrical wiring. Something about that doesn't sound right with me. What might be the problem?


Name: Kim | Date: March 17, 2006, 7:14
Answer: And, to add to my question, error code 14 (ignitor lockout) occurs, which then refers you to code 34 on the chart.