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Frigidaire Gallery Washing Machine Main Bearing Replacement?


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Question: How do I remove/replace the main bearing for the drum in this front loading washing machine?


Name: JIM TURNER | Date: November 25, 2004, 18:56
Answer: If it is a Fridgidaire Gallery, you just unplug it, take out the screws that hold the very top peice on. (Stand on a stool to do this) Take out the 4 screws that hold the control panel on and let it drop down. There's a flat panel underneath the just removed control panel- take out the 2 screws and lift it up and off. Go to the back of machine and remove the 2 screw that hold the sqare plate with the louvers on it. This is access to the belt pully. With your fingers- pull the white plastic pulley to the left and remove the belt. Go to the front again and unplug the white plastic wiring plug on the left side of control panel. There are 2 little clips that you have to pry apart with your pinkies. Next get some help and take the screws out of the front panel that holds the drum in place. Have someone hold the panel out a bit to release the drum from the front and you get on a stool and lift thedrum up and out. on the back of the drum there will be a ball that fits into a teflon holder- this is the mian bearing. Take the 2 screws out of the teflon holder and remember how the 4 pieces go together. there is a little ball bearing that is inserted bron the back of the bearong holder- look it over before taking it apart, this will help a lot. Go get the teflon holder at the store. Clean up the ball real good. and regrease the inside of the teflon holder with white grease after you use the 2 screws to install it. Put the rest back together in the reverse order you just took it apart and plug er' in. If it sreeches, loosen the screws in the very top piece and just wiggle the top around and retighten. Good luck and have fun-jim