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Gfci Won'T Reset


Name: Harold  City:

Question: 5 outlets in kitchen won't work and GFCI is tripped. I push in but button won't stay in and power still out. No breakers in box are tripped. I want to replace the GFCI outlet. How can I tell if I turn off the right breaker switch if no outlet works now. I would just as soon avoid a jolt. I have a voltmeter but don't know if you can hook it up to 120 straight up without frying the meter (and myself).


Name: Harold | Date: December 2, 2004, 6:07
Answer: I must have stumped the experts, eh?


Name: homebild | Date: December 8, 2004, 7:03
Answer: Kitchen outlets are controled by 20amp breakers....But if you simply pull the GFCI from the wall and run a circuit tester on the terminals there will still be current to the device allowing you to determine which breaker is controlling the outlets....The fact that the GFCI won't reset may indicate a defective GFCI or that there is a flaw in your electrical system from which your GFCI is protecting you.