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Kenmore Water Softener Problem


Name: Roger M  City: bloomfield

Question: I have a kenmore water softener that seems to be working, but lately is always about half full of water. Is this a problem, and if so, what could cause it?


Name: Bruce | Date: March 15, 2006, 14:09
Answer: remove the cover of the softner and look at the left side of the control head. look for a dome looking cover if you remove thre cover you will find a strainer. remove it and you will find a plastic disk. remove that then you will find a rubber washer with holes through, it remove it. looking in the bottem of the the piece left is a small rubber disk, lift out with a small scerw and look ing the orfice for a piece of scale. blow out and dirt or scale, you shoould see light through the hole


Name: Jim | Date: May 7, 2006, 11:37
Answer: I have a similar problem and also checked the venturi but everything was ok. I pulled the float assembly and manual cycled to the brine section. I had water pressure to the float valve that controls the flow of water/brine to and from the brine tank. Opened up the valve body(5 screws) and pulled the head to find part of the venturi seal (looks like a figure "8") missing. Ordered parts but have not received them yet. I'm sure that's the problem in my case.