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Hot Water Only In Shower


Name: Paul  City: Huntsville, AL

Question: My guest bathroom only has hot water running through the faucet no matter at what position the knob is. Cold water runs fine in the sink and of course in the toilet. I have not clue what is wrong....HELP Please


Name: Chance | Date: March 28, 2006, 0:04
Answer: FIRST TURN YOUR MAIN WATER OFF HOT AND COLD. If you have the standard single-type lever in your shower (i.e, one that has a single handle or knob and by turning it it get increasingly more hot), then try this: Remove handle (usually a hex bolt underneath), then remove the face plate (the two or so LONG screws holding it on). You may need to break the caulking line with a screwdiver. Inside, and on one side of the internal mechinism you will find a large bolt. Stuff a rag around it to catch the excess water. Then remove it. You will find it to be a tube full of holes. These holes often get jammed, especially in places with hard mineral-filled water. Simply clean it out. You may need to use a cleaner such as CLR for bad deposits. Reverse the steps (dont forget to add caulking around the main seal if you cracked it). This will do the trick. I have to do it once a year on all of my single-lever fixtures because of the hard water here. Good luck.