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Leaking From Solder Joint


Name: Joanne Dimeff  City:

Question: I am replacing old jacuzzi plumbing fixtures. I soldered pipe into place, when testing for leaks, there was a small one from the joint which is furtherest away from opening, I cannot reach it very well. I removed water from tubing, reheated pipe to remove as much of old solder as possible then resoldered but there was still a leak. This is a hard area to see and to reach. What should I do now? I did not apply flux to pipe (not sure how it would get into joint). Should I just cut the pipes, remove them and redo it? Put flux on joint after removing solder, then reheat pipe?. Thanks.


Name: homebild | Date: November 1, 2004, 14:51
Answer: You need to add flux to the pipe section even if you have to devise a way to get the flux brush in their such as by taping it to the end of a coat hanger or something....Then coat the joint and heat... You can normally unroll and bend the solder out 10-12 inches so that you can contact all points of the joint....