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Leaking Water Heater


Name: tootseug  City:

Question: My electric water heater is leaking at the bottom. The outer covering has also split open. I know I need to replace it. How do I tell if is due to corrosion, or if it is due to a cracked inner glass liner? What is the most likely cause? And if it is corrosion, where is the corrosion? Is it at the connection of the glass liner and the connector? Thank you


Name: peter patterson | Date: May 14, 2005, 18:45
Answer: My electric water heater has a slow leak. It had about 1 inch of water in the drain pan last week, I soaked that up and dried all the water around the heater. I noticed moister today around the bottom of the heater. Should I replace it or try to have it fixed? Its only about 4 years old or at least the house is only 4 years old.