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Snake/Auger Stuck In Bathtub Drain!


Name: Travis  City: Landfall

Question: I smaked my tub and now snake is stuck will not come out or even in farther. What can I do to get it out. It is bad because tub washer and toliet all use same drain and can not use any of them HELP!


Name: Brian | Date: July 3, 2006, 9:30
Answer: Travis: This just happened to me yesterday, and I saw your posting. (It is a scary thing -- I feared I would never get it out). A plumber in town suggested that I take a lot of dish soap (a few bottles he said -- gotta use a lot), and dump it down the drain, and keep trying to work the snake out. I tried 2 bottles and it didn't work, but the third bottle was a charm. I poured the soap down quickly while a helper pulled on the snake. It's worth a try -- $3 for the bottles of soap. You have to keep working it. If that doesn't work, the plumber said that if they came, they would cut the cable on the auger, hook it to a hammer drill, and use that to work the snake loose. Another possible option they mentioned: There is a kind of flat metal tape used to unclog drains, that they might force down there to try to uncoil the auger jam. If you think you know about where the auger might get caught, yet another option would be to open up the pipe somewhere below the clog. If you have a clean-out for easy access, that is great. If not, this might require cutting the pipe. Obviously, this is a last resort as I know that's a lot of work. Good luck man!