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Wayne Dalton I-Drive For Torsion Springs


Name: generalvp  City:

Question: I bought a wayne dalton I-DRIVE for torsion spring for my 8 month old garage door (it's a brand new house). I ran into a lot of problem such as bended rail and twisted panels(3 of them). So I'll have to replace the whole garage door and get a new opener. They ( the people at Wayne dalton) are saying that it's my fault, because they said I didn't install it properly. I talked to 3 garage door opener dealers and they all say that they have a lot of problems with those I-Drive opener and that they would not recommend them to their customers. I want to know if anyone out there has had problems with these I-drive. thank you


Name: steve | Date: September 13, 2004, 18:10
Answer: these are junk. I installed these on my garage doors and had the same results. i install openers on big doors for a living not on home garage doors im trying to take my new openers back to the store


Name: ed simon | Date: September 15, 2004, 19:55
Answer: I work on doors and have not seen one last over 3 years yet.


Name: Patrick Ng | Date: September 24, 2004, 10:42
Answer: I may be one of the to be victim. My experience is that I installed everything seems ok, the door is able to open but unable to close, seems complaining it is too hard and need adjustment. I am now waiting for the builder to come to adjust the strength of my door hopping reduce the force can make the garage opener close easier and it will work. Seeing comment below worries me a bit. But I have not completely lost faith to this product yet. Will let you know how it goes ...


Name: james walton | Date: October 3, 2004, 18:41
Answer: i am also the victim of wayne dalton hover my opener works as long as i program all transmitters every couple days.you are right good idea and out of the way to bad they are junk....


Name: Preston | Date: October 15, 2004, 17:52
Answer: I've had a different experience from the other posters. My iDrive for torsion springs installed in about 3 hours and has worked flawlessly and reliably. Programming the remote controls took a bit of time to figure out and connecting the infrared wiring to the iDrive unit also took some thought. Otherwise, it was a pretty easy and common sense install and I like the outside wireless keypad entry. My kids can enter a 5 digit code and get into the house without a key. I do think the documentation could have been better, it would have saved me some headaches but overall, I'm very happy with their product. I have a beam in the middle of my garage making a "normal" overhead garage opener impossible. The iDrive, while more expensive than a regular opener, met my needs and the only really problem I had installing it was connecting those infrared wires. The directions just really don't work but it was easy after I figured it out.


Name: r | Date: October 22, 2004, 23:15
Answer: i dont think the operator bent your rail and panels. a lot of problems that happen with the idrives is the people that put them up dont know what they are doing. the manual is pretty bad so things get done wrong and they blame the operator.


Name: tom | Date: October 25, 2004, 5:09
Answer: my idrive install was also difficult do to instructions...had it working until i put weather strip on...the gutless idrive stopped and now will only beep...a good idea gone bad...it's not worth the headache


Name: dave | Date: October 25, 2004, 6:29
Answer: I have had nothgin but problems with mine. I am on a second unit now, WD finally sent me a refurbished unit after my first one died (4 months of use). The idea is great and when the opener works it works great, but it appears to be plagued with problems and has pathetic support.


Name: Fred | Date: October 27, 2004, 3:51
Answer: Problems?? YOU BET!! Wayne Dalton doesnt even answer my emails Mine blew a fuse on initial opening and hasn`t worked since. They sent me a new fuse, and now all it does is beep.What a piece of JUNK!!! I want my money back. I was told the same thing by an installer, Lots of problems, not reccomended!


Name: TripleJackInGA | Date: November 7, 2004, 14:07
Answer: I bought the I-Drive for Torsion at Lowe's about 6 months ago. I *finally* installed it yesterday. I have to say, the instructions aren't the best, and including installing the 25' cord extender, which was a total PITA, it took me about 4.5 hours.The opener works good, but I have found the the light will not turn on and off as it is supposed to.I have traced this to the translucent cover that goes on last.It has an opening for the IR Beam to talk with the opener, but it somehow is interfering with it.I also notice that the door seems to work fine, but every so often, it will seem to bind slightly, then works fine, then will beep 3 times when it's done.I can't find anything in the troubleshooting guide relating to this, except that it may be an 'out of balance' warning(?). I tried calling the Toll-Free # at WD.It said they were open on Sunday at Noon ET.I called at 12:15, went through the various menus, and then was finally told that the one I need was not open on Sunday, but only 9-5 ET M-F. We shall see how they handle me whenn I get hold of them on Monday, but as of right now, I am very hopeful it will be fine.If not, I will pack the SOB back up and drag it back to Lowe's, who has a good reputation for taking things back because they just suck.


Name: Kevin | Date: November 9, 2004, 15:51
Answer: I too have had many problems with the Idrive. Remotes need to be re-programmed weekly and not it wont close. It seems to wnat to try but can't. Manual states out of balance condition but when I disconnect it the door goes up and down freely. Has anyone had any luck returning these for a full refund from Lowes? I dont want to work with WD customer service. I want a new opener!


Name: Jane | Date: November 18, 2004, 8:17
Answer: Have just moved in and something in the garage beeps about every 30 seconds. Wayne Dalton door works fine but eventhough I cannot seem to find the beep I feel it must be the door. Any experience with this or advice?


Name: Jerry | Date: November 28, 2004, 12:18
Answer: Everything went well with the installation and worked well all summer and fall. When the weather started getting cooler the door starts to go down and stops and goes back up. WD will not answer my e-mails. My son has one also and had trouble and they sent him a new opener and it is working ok now.


Name: Gordy K. | Date: December 1, 2004, 17:39
Answer: I'm stuck with four of these under engineered under powered pieces of junk! This past summer you could get to their hot line now they say they will return your call in 72 hours, unacceptable. My last email to them took 30 days to get an answer and the answer was "do you still need help" if so contact us, as if thats possible. Any one have any advice on how to get my money back.


Name: john j | Date: December 2, 2004, 18:57
Answer: I installed 3 doors and 1 opener (didn't spring for the extra dough until I was happy with the opener). I won't buy another. Works great if you can open and shut the door with a finger tip. A little ice kept it from opening yesterday. Blew the fuse inside the opener. If you have this opener, pray that you never hit something on the way down as the cables come unwound then the opener tries to lift the door again and winds them up all jumbled. Now looking for a new fuse. I don't expect it to help.


Name: Paul | Date: December 4, 2004, 20:00
Answer: I just recently purchased an I-Drive for torsion spring from Lowes. The installers could not complete the installion. They had trouble and damaged the door. The installer said the tension came off of the springs. Now they're trying to say the door was damaged before they ever installed it. I emailed WD and nobody has contacted me yet. I contacted the warranty department for my home and they called WD. WD and the Warranty Department agreed that Lowes is a fault. I'm waiting to hear back from Lowes. It appears that they don't want to fix nothing. I sent pics to WD. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pkick81@aol.com


Name: Tom | Date: December 6, 2004, 17:43
Answer: I have been an installer of garage door openers for 30 years and do work for Lowe's the i-drive is night mare to put up and if you can follow these instructions you are a better person than I. I worked 12 hours on the first opener and got it to work for a short time after which the customer requested to Lowe's that we remove it and put up a Genie. I refuse to put these up due to the many problems with this opener. I also attended a WD training class and the factory rep said even he did not know what the house power rating was because it was to small and they used the motor as a safety device. No way would I recommend this unit to any of my customers.


Name: Tyler | Date: December 16, 2004, 14:26
Answer: I am a door dealer. These iDrives are a neat idea, but the execution is awful. I've never seen any mechanism so unreliable and unpredictable. I've purchased and sold two pallets (about 75 units) and I've gone back on every one of them. Many customers, after having dealt with these things for a few months have threatened to sue if I didn't take it back and get them a different machine. If I had to continue with these things I'd rather quit and do something with a lower risk... life sell life-insurance in Palestine.


Name: Todd | Date: December 28, 2004, 13:01
Answer: I had an iDrive for about a year. I had it replaced today, finally. I had three callbacks to the installation company during the first year. When it stopped working the other night at 3AM, I finally decided to change it out for a conventional belt drive (Liftmaster). I also had the torque master system changed out to a conventional spring. This was a $1000 mistake for me. The iDrive is a very cool idea, but for my experience, very under-engineered. I was 1 month beyond the one-year warranty when it went out on me again, so this 4th callback was going to cost me. The other lesson I learned is: there are only 2 WD installers around (I live in Dallas, TX) so no one is available for emergency callbacks. This was a true live and learn situation. But WD and the local installer company lost a customer forever, in my case.


Name: Fred | Date: August 7, 2005, 15:56
Answer: Boy, I wish I had read these before I bought my idrive. I bought it back in January 05. Installation was a pain, it blew a fuse, & I had to search all over for a new fuse. Finally got it working & it worked fine, though it seemed to struggle a bit opening the door. By April the thing could barely open the door anymore & by May it was dead. I called WD & after about three weeks of troubleshooting, they finally said they would send me a new one. I got it, put it up, & right off the bat, they thing was struggling again so I'm sure this one won't last either. I was going to call WD Tech Support, but after reading these other posts, it sounds pointless. I might as well eat the cost & get a conventional opener. Neat idea, horrible product.


Name: Caleb Mumford | Date: September 10, 2005, 11:06
Answer: Junk! I've had so many probs with the iDrive and I am so frustrated. I was having probs with my old door so I went all out and bought the best Wayne Dalton door and opener and its been nothing but crap! I am very frustrated.


Name: Bill | Date: September 11, 2005, 8:00
Answer: I installed one of the first i-drives on a 16x7 door on my brand new house (which I built myself) almost 2 years ago. The predecessor to the i-drive (called something else) was horrible. I have had nothing but great things from this door and opener. We have even run into the door twice with cars, and the opener still opens the door. The door did stick once in the ice, but never blew the fuse. Other than that, no power issues. The opener open twice as fast as any others that I have seen, and is as quiet as anyone else's that I have heard. The documentation sucks. The programming for the remotes sucks. The guy who is charge of that area should be forced to lay on the ground under a door and have it close on him 1000 times. I would have to say that the issues that most people have come because of improper install. I installed my door myself (Note: I just installed a scond door and i-drive this week which is why I am here looking for remote programming instructions), and if it would not have been for my extreme patience and building experience, I can see where problems would arise. If done right, these things are fantastic. If done wrong, well, I don't have personal experience, just do it right. Read the instructions until you understand what they are talking about. Bill