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Felt Vs. Synthetic Underlayment


Name: Chris  City: Cape Canaveral

Question: I live in Florida and am getting my roof re-roofed. Several of the contractors have suggested upgrading to a synthetic underlayment such as Titanium UDL or Tri-Flex. Can anyone give the pros and cons of using felt vs. a synthetic underlayment? Thanks!


Name: River | Date: July 12, 2005, 19:44
Answer: Tri-Flex is Dade approved and would be a good choice-check Dade approved products for the UDL. I wish the contractors here would consider using these products-they are good products. Go to the manufactures websites and read about them. They also have water-proof membranes that are more expensive but provide a great back-up if your shingles fail during a hurricane. Hope this helps if you havent already done the roof. River