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Roof Top Loading On Top Of Old Shingles?? Weight Concerns


Name: Will  City: Denver

Question: Greetings: I need a pretty quick answer to this question if possible. My roofer called to tell me a slot opened up in his work schedule. I am having a new asphalt shingle roof installed. The shingles are architectural and weigh about 450 lbs/square. My old roof is cedar shake on a 15 year old house. My roofer wants to have the supplier deliver the new shingles to the roof and load then on top of the existing shake. I am wondering if my roof can really handle all this weight, especially considering that the shingles will be stacked in a small area along the ridge and so the weight will be concentrated there on top of whatever weight is in place from the old cedar shakes. The only option I have is to have the roofer first strip the roof of the old shakes and then to call in the delivery. In any case, the shingles will be stacked along the ridge - with the second option, I am only eliminating the existing weight of the old shakes. What should I do? Secondly, regarding ice and water shield, the roofer has proposed to first put down the drip edge and then the IWS. The Grace site specifies that the IWS go down first and then the drip edge. Which is preferred by installers?? Thanks in advance for any help!


Name: homebild | Date: February 1, 2005, 23:01
Answer: There is no problem with the weight since codes and roof loads will allow for at least 2 if not 3 layers of shingles and still be safe....The problem with your roofer is that asphalt or architectural shingles cannot be applied directly over cedar roof shakes...This calls into serious question your roofer's abilities and knowledge...I'd get a new roofer's opinion and make sure I consulted my local building code office before I let this original roofer do anything to my roof....He does not seem to know anything about proper roofing methods at all.


Name: Will | Date: February 2, 2005, 11:20
Answer: Hi Homebild: I believe I may not have been clear in my message. Indeed the roofer intends on stripping off the cedar shakes and old felt down to the plywood before putting on the new asphalt shingles. What I was trying to explain is that the roofer wants his supplier to "load" the roof with the new asphalt bundles on top of the old shake. Then they will move the bundles as required to strip the shake before putting down the new shingles. Thanks for your answers and concerns though!


Name: homebild | Date: February 3, 2005, 21:25
Answer: Pretty silly to place new asphalt shingle bundles on an existing cedar shake roof and then have to move the bundles again just to remove the shakes......Any "normal" roofer would simply first strip the roof of its existing cedar shakes, install new paper over a clean and repaired roof deck, then have the new asphalt shingle bundles boomed or conveyed into place on top of the new tar paper....Weight (or load) is no issue in any case...