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What Is Best Material For Flat Roof Deck With Traffic?


Name: Dave  City: Fort Lauderdale

Question: We have a 10' x 20' flat roof deck porch - currently the surface is tile, and it's leaking in several places, so we are going to re-roof the entire deck. We are then going to either re-tile it again or just use outdoor carpet over the surface. What is the best roofing material to use that will support foot traffic and lawn furniture?


Name: joe | Date: July 16, 2005, 5:49
Answer: You need to consult your local building code enforcement office for this one....Florida has rather strict and unusual codes when it comes to roofing because of hurricanes and insurance regulators....From here, it appears you have several potential problems, however, including whether your roof can legally be used as a deck, and what type material can legally be used for low slope roofs...It many cases flat roofs are illegal to use as a deck...Consult your local code office before you do anything.