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Storm Blew Off Siding, Now Daughters Room Flooded


Name: Tim W.  City: Indianapolis

Question: The siding that's missing is on the left side, from the peak, about 5 sections down. I thought that the "black" stuff would protect against water coming in but in my daughters room, her room being on the same side, her floor is soaked (only in the middle, which I find very strange) when the siding that's missing is a lot higher than her floor. Also we've noticed a yellow stain developing in the ceiling of our kitchen in like the middle of the ceiling(My daughters room being directly over the kitchen). We have a lot more rain coming in. and I've been sucking up water out of my daughters carpet all day from night before lasts rain. What can I do, if anything, for a temporary fix. Or is this even the problem because of the water being not on hte perimeter of her room but the middle of her floor? Please help!