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How To Remove Caulk Tube From Caulking Gun


Name: birdie  City: Sylva

Question: I'm sure this is a very dumb question, but I'm new at this do-it-yourself stuff...........I can't get the tube of caulk out of the gun. I'm twisting the lever to release the pressure on the tube, but there still doesn't seem to be room to get the tube out. What am I doing wrong???


Name: Jim | Date: October 19, 2005, 11:24
Answer: Pull the handle further back. It's probably a ratchet type, when you squeeze the trigger, it pushes it in, then rotate the handle over and pull back. This releases the ratchet that is pushing it in.


Name: Glen | Date: July 9, 2006, 9:24
Answer: Sometime caulk will squeeze onto the inside of the tube causing a blockage when trying to pull the caulk gun plunger out.Check to see if this is the case then cut out the excess caulking causing the block.