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Best Way To Repair Water Damaged Plaster Ceiling


Name: Rob  City: Columbia

Question: After finding a very small leak from a toilet on the 2nd floor, we found cracks in the 1st floor ceiling below. At first we didn't know it was wet and there wasn't any water. After several coats of paint, we 'trapped' some water in a bubble of new paint and had to scrape a large 4x4 ft area. Some wallboard-like cardboard came up with the scraping but it wasn't much (old wallpaper?). It's kind of a mess but the plaster is underneath. The crack where the water came through is y-shaped and about 18 inches long. Last night I could lightly press the plaster and could feel and see that part of the ceiling move. Can I just dry this out and repair? What is the best way to repair?