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Texture And Paint Over Wallpaper Adhesive?


Name: Becky  City: Montpelier

Question: I have removed the top layer of old wallpaper and much of the adhesive. Some is still hanging on and I am damaging the sheet rock beneath. Can I apply a texture then prime and paint over what is left?


Name: Kevin | Date: April 3, 2006, 11:14
Answer: It is not necessary to remove all traces of the old wallpaper before you texture. In fact you run the risk of damaging the sheetrock paper if you attempt to remove wallpaper that is strongly bonded. If you already removed and/or glued down all the loose wallpaper (seams, baseboard, coutertops, etc.), you should prime the wall with a shellac based primer (I use BIN brand). The goal is to make a watertight seal over the wall. This will stop water from seeping into the paper, which causes the paper to lift and bubble :>(. Dealing with theses bubbles is by far the most annoying and unpredictable part of going from wallpaper to texture; just make sure to work the shellac well into the paper with a roller. Before you start smoothing imperfections with joint compound, double check the wall for spots where it looks like water could get under the primer (these trouble areas usually show as dark cracks along the outer edges where the drywall paper is damaged). Carefully peel up and reprime these trouble spots. After the wall is well sealed, you should repair any defects with joint compound until you have a smooth wall. The wall will then be ready for texture. After you're satisfied with your texture, use a roller to work PVA primer into the wall. The goal of rolling in PVA is to both fill and seal pinholes in the new texture, and to provide a solid bond between the latex paint and gypsum. Now your newly textured wall is ready for paint! If you follow these tips your job will progress more efficient and end with professional results. Good Luck.