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About Your Range

If you're not used to a gas range then you may not be used to all the in's and out's of the stove. Here are some easy guidelines to help you know your range a bit better.

Eternal Flame
The color flame emitted by your gas stove should be a pretty blue with only an occasional hint of yellow. It should waver very little in its burn level and not spike or diminish without manual adjustment. If the flame is burning yellow or if it ebbs and flows on its own, you'll need to call a professional to adjust the air-to-gas ratio to ensure proper performance.

It's Getting Hot in Here
Most problems with ovens have to do with thermostats, which become old and worn out. Unfortunately, replacing a thermostat is an expensive job and for a pro.

If your stove is quite old and you have no sentimental attachment to it, replacing it with a new one will not only help ensure you don't serve another burnt-on-the-outside, raw-on-the-inside pot roast, it will also save on energy costs. New gas ovens heat up faster and maintain a constant temperature much better than an old and worn out gas range.

Tinkering Around
Sometimes your oven's thermostat may be fine but simply need recalibration. This service, too, will require a technician, but will cost a fraction of the cost of replacement. Read the manual that came with the range, or contact the manufacturer or your dealer to gather as much information on its repair as you possibly can. This will help you avoid technicians who may want to steer you toward an unnecessarily costly repair.

Tip: It is a good idea to have a heat gauge inside your oven so you can determine if the oven's temperature matches your setting. Even if your oven has a beeping indicator that suggests it is up to temperature, leave it an additional 5-10 minutes before checking the gauge. If the gauge is significantly different from your setting, your thermostat is either worn out or needs recalibration.

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