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Lighting Your Ranges Pilot Lights

Relighting your ranges pilot light can seem a bit ciomplicted for the novice gas-range owner. But if you follow these simple instructions, you should have no problems!

Getting Started
For the range top, turn all burner knobs to "Off" and lift the range-top if necessary to access the pilot. Hold a match to the pilot port and it should light immediately.

Safety First
The difference with a gas range is a safety feature called a thermocouple. When your oven pilot goes out, the thermocouple cools and shuts off the gas to the interior burners, limiting the risk of exposure to gas leaks and to explosion. It is a great feature, but it does create an extra step in relighting your oven's pilot.

Simply the Best
The best way to relight an oven pilot is to refer to your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer. If these options fail, try the standard procedure offered here.

  1. Remove the broiler or vanity covering at the bottom front of the range
  2. Warm the thermocouple with a match for 15-20 seconds
  3. Relight the pilot

It Happens All the Time
If your pilot light goes out frequently, you should contact a service professional who is familiar with your range brand. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer and ask them to recommend a technician in your area.

Lighting Your Ranges Pilot Lights

Lighting Your Ranges Pilot Lights

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