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It's hard for many people to picture life without their fridge. Yet, this much relied upon appliance is often taken for granted. So take notice of your refrigerator and make sure the two of you have a long and lasting relationship.

Fixing a Problem
Most refrigerator repairs will rely on professional service and experience. But maintenance will do a lot to prevent or delay repairs and should become part of your household routine. This involves some simple techniques that you'll need to attend to only twice a year and will take only a few minutes. And sparing a few minutes is a lot better than paying higher utility bills or, worse, having to toss out a fridge-load of food.

Free Fridge
Most refrigerators these days are frost-free and freon-free. However, if you have a Freon system, your unit will need servicing by a professional certified to handle Freon, which is considered a hazardous material.

Having your owner's manual handy will eliminate a lot of guesswork about the location of important elements of your fridge. Additionally, it will provide key details about how and when to perform maintenance on it.

Unfortunately, many people have a knack for losing such materials and it's entirely probable that you haven't a clue where you put the thing. So refer to the guide here to improve and extend the life of what is for many a uniquely prized possession.

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