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Troubleshooting Dryers

When your clothes aren't coming out of the dryer as dry as you would like, try some of these troubleshooting tips to get your dryer back into top form.

Problem: Drum rotates but dryer doesn't heat
Could be caused by: Power or gas is off
Try this: Check breaker box for blown fuse or a tripped circuit. Check to make sure gas supply is on

Problem: Dryer runs, but drum won't rotate
Could be caused by: A loose drum belt
Try this: Consult the manual or contact the manufacturer for instructions on how to tighten the belt

Problem: Clothes take a long time to dry
Could be caused by: A dirty lint trap or blocked vent system
Try this: After unplugging the unit, clean the lint trap and vent system. If you have a vinyl vent (pliable accordion material, usually white), replace it with a 4-inch wide metal vent. If your vent is on the second floor, you may want to hire a service to clean it, which is relatively inexpensive

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