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Troubleshooting Washers

Before you call in a professinal, try some of these troubleshooting tips. Maybe you can fix the problem yourself and save yourself some money doing it.

Problem: Washer won't fill with water
Could be caused by: A blocked inlet screen
Try this: Clean or replace the inlet screens

Problem: Washer won't drain water
Could be caused by: A bent drain hose
Try this: If drain hose appears kinked or blocked, replace it

Problem: Washer doesn't agitate load and/or spin to remove excess water
Could be caused by: A stretched or broken drive belt
Try this: Consult your owner's manual on how to tighten the belt. If necessary, replace belt with a new one

Problem: Washer leaks
Could be caused by: Over-sudsing, which can block drains and create leaks
Try this: When you see it happening, add one-half cup white vinegar to the wash
- OR -
Could be caused by: A loose or broken drain hose
Try this: Check the clamps and couplings around the hose and tighten if they appear to be loose. If necessary, replace the drain hose

Problem: Washer vibrates like it's about to take off and fly away
Could be caused by: An uneven washer level
Try this: Adjust the feet to see if it solves the problem

Tip: Another common cause is an overloaded washer. Try doing smaller loads and see if it helps.

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