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3 Types of Bathroom Flooring that You Can Install Yourself

Replacing your home's old bathroom flooring is a sure-fire way to breath new life into a room that's looking old and neglected. When considering the available options, you should choose a durable flooring that is designed for wet locations.

3 types of bathroom flooring that can be installed by experienced DIY-ers:

  1. Sheet Vinyl is modestly priced, and can be simple to install. The task basically requires you to cut and shape a piece of vinyl sheeting that will exactly fit your bathroom floor from wall to wall, apply some adhesive to the underside of the vinyl, and then install the vinyl onto the existing floor and roll it flat.
  2. Ceramic Tile works well on bathroom floors, because it is not affected by wet conditions and it is easy to keep clean. If you have some experience with home improvement projects, then you can probably tackle a small bathroom tile job. When installing a tile floor, you will first need to install a cement-based backer-board over the plywood sub-floor. Once that's done, you will attach the individual tiles to the floor with thin-set mortar. After the mortar is dry, you will the spaces between the tiles with grout.
  3. Vinyl Tile might be a good choice if you are looking for a custom-patterned bathroom floor but aren't up to the modest challenge of working with ceramic tile. You'll need to trim the vinyl tiles with a razor knife before you attach them to the floor with adhesivem whcih you can do in any pattern of your choosing. Choose a brand that is designed and approved for use in bathrooms.

When selecting a bathroom flooring, make sure to read and follow the installation instructions that come with the product that you've chosen.