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4 ways to prepare when remodeling a bath

Even under the best of circumstances, families can find remodeling projects to be distressing. Upgrading sinks, toilets and showers has solid appeal, but living through the renovation can be a challenge. If you want to get through it with minimal discomfort, follow these four steps:

  1. Make backup plans. Ask your contractor to set up a temporary bath, including a utility sink that's set up elsewhere in your home. You can even have a temporary shower and toilet installed in your basement if you have the room. It saves visiting the neighbors. If you order a portable toilet, be sure it's scheduled to arrive in time for the first day of work.
  2. Use gym memberships, if you have them. It may be just the right time to sign up your family at the workout club for showers, toilets and relaxing spas. Plus the workout will help beat the stress of having your home temporarily invaded by tools and workers.
  3. Organize your calendar. This might be a perfect time for that week-long getaway to visit relatives, friends or, even better, a resort or campsite. Don't make plans for entertaining visitors, having parties or dinners for any dates before or just after the project is scheduled for completion.
  4. Cover all floors leading to and from the bathroom and arrange to have a fan to ventilate construction dust out of the house. Coming home to dusty floors and footprints across your carpeting can make even the calmest homeowner angry.

Discuss these survival plans with a contractor. To find a local professional, fill out the form on this page.