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Basement Bathroom

Perhaps you have some extra room in the basement and are thinking of putting a bathroom in there. Good idea! A lot of single-family houses are built with only one bathroom. It is much more convenient for you, your family and your guests to have an additional bathroom. Basement bathroom remodeling is not as hard as you think it may be. As long as you have access to plumbing and electrical outlets, you should be able to generate a space that is both pretty and functional.

Getting Started
Assuming that you have some sort of a bathroom facility in your basement already and are just looking to remodel a bathroom, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a remodeling plan and draw a floor plan or layout. Then you’ll need to measure the space you have and figure out the space you need to install all of your fixtures. If everything fits like it should, great! But, if there are any questionable areas, make sure you go over the design and follow the general outline of your basement bathroom. Some things you will need to consider include:

  • Bathtub: How large should it be? Will it be convenient to take baths in your basement? Will you perhaps have to invest in heating if you decide to install a tub?
  • Sink: Do you want a built-in vanity sink? How about a hanging sink which is slightly more expensive and more difficult to install?
  • Toilet
  • Cabinets and storage area: It is a good idea to have them in a basement instead of your main bathroom. But will you have enough space for them?

Unique Features of a Basement
Most basement bathrooms don’t have windows. When remodeling a bathroom in the basement, your most important element is lighting. Deciding on bathroom fixtures and the remodeling design is very important, but putting the right lights in, to maximize your space, is essential. One suggestion is to include light bulb strips above the mirror and adding spotlights throughout the area.

If you're feeling claustrophobic, then one of the best bathroom remodeling tips is to invest in mirrors. They maximize the space by creating an illusion of having more room in there.

You may also use your basement bathroom to store linens and towels. In that case, make sure that your bathroom remodeling ideas involve making up some extra space and adding cabinets and storage units without jeopardizing the use of the facilities. As with all the other objects in the basement bathroom, you’ll need to measure the cabinets and storage units, prior to installing them.

Things to Remember
Because this area of a house is unique, there are some pros and cons about remodeling a bathroom in the basement. The biggest con is that if you’re interested in do it yourself bathroom remodeling this may prove very difficult. Access to plumbing and electricity may be restricted and you may need to re-adjust these things.