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Bathroom Accessories - Plants, Framed Pictures, Mirrors, Candles

You may think that bathroom accessories are not important when remodeling your bathroom but they are the crucial part of any stylish bathroom. The accessories can range from purely decorative items – flowers, pictures -- to more practical and luxurious ones such as shower stereo (a waterproof device which you hang on the wall behind your shower head) or even television.

Current bathroom design trends have the following bathroom remodeling tips about your accessories:

Bring plants. They add texture and look to your bathroom, they make bathroom fixtures look more like bathroom furniture. Your bathroom becomes a private oasis where you can relax and appreciate all your bathroom remodeling in a lovely, green atmosphere. There are number of plants that will thrive in a steamy, warm environment.

Framed Pictures
Hang your favorite painting or a photograph (behind a glass to prevent damage) in the bathroom. Add any other wall accents that will make your bathroom décor more sophisticated, for example a nightlight in a certain shape – a seashell, a star – will add that extra touch to your bathroom style.

Framed Mirrors
Get your mirror framed – visit a local hardware store to look for decorative wood panels or try second-hand stores and flea markets for an old fashioned picture frame to wrap around your custom-sized glass. Stain or paint your frame if necessary but also consider leaving it in its raw state.

Candle holders and candles are guarantee to create that special atmosphere that may possibly lead to bathroom sex.

When remodeling a bathroom consider attaching incense holders (vertical ones are available in most of the specialty stores) to your bathroom walls. A lovely scent can make a difference and provide that extra relaxing feel. Speaking of scent, putting a couple of drops of a scented oil on a handkerchief (use a cotton one for better absorption) and putting it inside the linen closet will guarantee pleasantly smelling towels.

Bathroom Rugs
Invest in your bathroom rugs or decorative tiles. The rugs will add color and texture to your bathroom. Don't dismiss oriental rugs – they come in many different colors and designs – when coming up with bathroom remodeling ideas.

Monogramed Towels
If you're living with your loved one and share your bathroom for other reasons other than washing (um, bathroom sex?) why not celebrate your romance with monogrammed towels and matching robes. Remodeling a bathroom and accessorizing it doesn't mean that you only have to think of the practical side of it all, wink, wink.