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Bathroom blunders that turn off buyers

Nothing stymies a home sale like bathrooms with dated fixtures and questionable smells. Luckily, eliminating the ick factor is neither difficult nor expensive with these bathroom remodeling projects, some of which you can do yourself.

  1. Grimy walls are disgusting, but easy to fix. Get rid of mildew by misting your walls with a solution of bleach and water. Then simply prep and paint.
  2. Glass shower doors can get crusty with hard water deposits. Remove deposits with muriatic acid, or, for a less corrosive option, apply a coat of non-stick cooking spray, leave it on to dislodge the minerals, then rinse with a de-greasing detergent.
  3. Tile may cover many bathroom surfaces--flooring, walls, counters--and if it's dingy or dated, your home's unlikely to attract top-drawer offers. You can call in a tile contractor for a high-end replacement, or complete a DIY repair with special paint. Prepare the tiles with a high-adhesion primer and top with a special ceramic epoxy.
  4. Got fixture faux pas? Decorators recommend ridding your bathroom of these undesirable elements: faux brass faucets and doorknobs, outdated lighting, framed shower doors, large plate glass mirrors, Formica vanity tops and pedestal sinks. For plumbing and electrical work, find an experienced contractor who can save you from making costly, and even dangerous mistakes.
  5. Carpeted bathrooms turn off home-seekers; it's easy for them to develop damp or musty odors. The relatively small footprint of most bathrooms means new flooring can be an affordable upgrade.

Pay attention to your bathrooms when preparing your home for sale, because while luxurious lavatories don't necessarily sell homes, squalid showers can send buyers packing. Apply elbow grease where you can tackle the job yourself, and work with a professional contractor to handle plumbing, electrical, and flooring improvements.