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Bathroom Decorating Ideas And Decor

This is fun. After you've planned all the core bathroom remodeling, after you researched all kinds of bathroom remodeling photos and learned bathroom remodeling tips, it is time to make the place gorgeous. Here are some fantastic bathroom remodeling ideas for your décor:


  1. Adding nice curtains to your window or framing your mirror is simple way to make a big impact.
  2. Hang a picture. One thing to remember is that bathrooms often get steamy. Make sure that your picture or print is behind a glass or that it is painted in a medium that won't deteriorate because of dampness.
  3. There are bathroom remodeling tips and trends out there that suggest investing in a Black and White print; this is an excellent idea as long as it fits your bathroom style and as long as it is behind glass.
  4. Bathroom remodeling do it yourself is cheaper and easy – if you can do it you should try your hand at painting a trim or stencil.
  5. In many bathroom remodeling magazines it is suggested that one looks at bathroom remodeling pictures... a friend of a friend took this up to a new, postmodern level – she took bathroom remodeling photos before and after she was done fixing it, then hang these on a wall in her bathroom!

Bathroom Decorating Ideas Floors

  1. Who said floors have to be boring? They are as important as walls and there's no reason why your bathroom remodeling job shouldn't focus on floors as much as other areas of the bathroom.
  2. Laying out checkered floor diagonally gives it a great sense of depth.
  3. Putting down a decorative rug – a Persian, a funky art design one – will make the space more interesting.
  4. Center tile motif is another idea to make your bathroom interesting looking. Some bathroom remodeling samples available online offer wonderful suggestions of flower arrangement pictures, fruits or color puzzles.


  1. A friend of a friend found an old sink vanity that she then re-painted and re-stained and asked an artist friend to create stained glass panels to hung above it for a very unique, authentic look.
  2. If your bathroom remodeling estimates turn out to be wrong and you have to consider your bathroom remodeling design ideas and re-budgeting the one easy way to "up" the look of your bathroom is to invest in plants. They make any room feel friendly and beautiful.