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Bathroom Design Ideas

Your Happy Place
Picture your happy, quiet place. Is it a meadow with a sun shinning above lush green fields? Is it having tea in a wicker chair on the porch? Perhaps it’s a tropical beach or sitting in front of a fire on a snowy evening? Maybe its watching a beautiful sunset from a cozy couch through a beautiful bay window. Whatever it is, think about it and make your bathroom remodeling design fun. No, you’re not thinking about your happy, quiet place because remodeling a bathroom stresses you out – it shouldn’t, and we’ll make all your bathroom how-to as easy as it can be – but because that’s where you can start generating an idea about what a perfect bathroom remodeling job should be all about.

Bathroom Design Ideas Imagine Your Remodeled Bathroom
Your bathroom remodeling photos start in your head. Let me show you how I started thinking about remodeling my bathroom. I pictured a tropical beach and a sunset. With that I already had some colors to work with: blue and yellow. And some light ideas: amber, lots of it. I also thought about tropical sea and invested in a shower curtain with a print of a coral reef. My design ideas were all about do it yourself bathroom remodeling and I got to be as creative as I wanted for a relatively small cost.

Look at Bathroom Remodeling Photos
Another good bathroom design idea is to research and look through some actual bathroom remodeling pictures to see what others do with their bathrooms. Your bathroom can be very simple and pretty with little investment; it can also be a full-on spa room if your bathroom remodeling resources are more than generous. Some of the recent trends include all kinds of unexpected installations in the bathroom such as solatubes — that give you a natural light throughout the day and are equipped with a ventilation kit — or non-bathroom furniture such as loveseat or a chest drawer.

Be Realistic
If your space is limited, it would be really impractical to move or install new fixtures, plus you may need contractors for that. Sometimes do it yourself bathroom remodeling is the only option. See what you have already and add your own personal touch to the bathroom remodeling ideas:

  • The best bathroom remodeling how-to means that all you need to remember is to maximize the space you already have. Shoving in a lovely wicker chair when your toilet hardly fits in there is a bad idea; adding an extra mirror or mirrored tiles is not.
  • Remodeling bathroom ideas about that particular space shouldn’t be limited to what is commonly seen as a bathroom — a space where you wash and pee – even with small bathrooms, a proper do it yourself bathroom remodeling can be fun and creative.
  • Look at some bathroom remodeling samples that are available online – photos, bathroom remodeling software or articles to get more ideas if you’re feeling stuck.