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Bathroom Design - Plans, Layouts And Decorating Ideas

Sure, bathrooms could be just functional spaces that need little or no decorating attention…but imagine a bathroom that not only serves its function but is also a place where you can relax and take care of yourself in beautiful surroundings!

Picture a large, comfortable bathtub, a full-length mirror, floor that is warm and welcoming on those cold, shivery days. You don’t have to spend a fortune on spa visits if you can create your own unique space (with some help from the plumber) that is as private and as convenient as you desire. Imagine a bathroom that makes you feel happy and relaxed whenever you’re in it.

This could be future you: You lying back in your tub filled with fragrant bubbles, listening to your favourite CDs, closing your eyes and feeling good and taken care of, after a day of hard work, you’re in a space that is beautifully designed with gorgeous tiles, lovely walls decorated with art or mirrors. With all the new materials, design styles and innovative products becoming available, the bathroom of your dreams can finally turn into something more than just a sink, toilet and a shower combo. We will tell you about all kinds of design elements necessary to make your bathroom picture perfect, such as:Bathroom Design

  • Bathroom plans and layouts
  • Designs for small bathrooms
  • Bathroom decorating ideas
  • Cabinets, vanity and other bathroom furniture
  • Shower and / or bathtub ideas
  • Bathroom mirrors

Some of the new inventions in bathroom design include ultra-thin electric floor heating systems that are installed under tile, body spa — customized showering with multiple water jets — or a system that will slightly warm your mirrors so they remain crystal clear despite the steam.

Besides these luxuries we’ll introduce you to many other ideas such as the proper lighting, the length of a perfect bathroom or how to remodel a bathroom if you have limited space.

Bathroom Design Ideas
Most of all we want you to be satisfied with your bathroom design; use some of the following suggestions to get started once you are done your planning and bathroom remodeling:

Bathroom Design If there is room, add a piece of furniture — a wicker display case or a wicker chair.

Mixing or matching bathroom colors is also fun. There is no rule that says that your bathroom has to be white or black and gray. Have fun with colors – invest in nice, bright towels, funky toothbrush holder or an antique shelf.

Introduce potted plants, fresh flowers or cut branches to your bathroom. You won’t believe what difference a simple leafy branch in a tall glass vase can make!

Finally, get inspired by what you see outside of your house; think of the nicest bathroom that you’ve ever been to – be it in a hotel or a fancy restaurant or a friend’s house – and borrow some ideas.

Designing this particular space of your home is not just a bathroom remodeling project. It can be an artistic endeavor where all your ideas and flare for style can shine!