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Bathroom Fans, Lighting And Accessories

Get Rid of Moisture
A bathroom exhaust fan helps to reduce or eliminate moisture in your bathroom. Moisture in your bathroom is a huge problem. Moisture can destroy your wall paint and rot wooden trimmings. Moisture also increases the level of humidity in your whole house, thereby damaging all the other building materials. Lastly, moisture promotes harmful mold growth.

Improve Your Air Quality
Bathroom fans will help to remove ugly odors and improve your new remodeled bathroom's air quality.

Your Options
Bathroom exhaust fans range from simple models to more elaborate types with built in heaters, lights and timer switches.

When considering your bathroom design, see if you want your bathroom fan to be mounted onto the ceiling or on a wall – the different installation options are available in most fans.

Proper Functioning
Your bathroom fan may seem fine to you, but it is important that you check to make sure the following conditions are met – this to ensure your bathroom air quality is at its highest level:

  • Your bathroom fan moves lots of air
  • Your bathroom fan is energy efficient
  • Your bathroom fan is quiet
  • It uses low-wattage lighting
  • It doesn't cause backdrafting of combustion appliances

Size Matters
Your fan's capacity is graded in cubic feet per minute or liters per second – check your bathroom fan to make sure it draws at least twenty-five liters per second or fifty cubic feet per minute; if your bathroom fan doesn't generate enough air, it gets too noisy and is not effective. It should also consume between twenty to eighty watts, no more.

Naturally, if your bathroom remodeling involves a bathroom that is larger than the average, your bathroom fan should also correspond to its size. You need to make sure your bathroom fan is as close to the source of moisture and odor as possible.

Lighted Bathroom Fans
A popular bathroom fan models include bathroom designs with lights and/ or heating lamps. A fan that has lights has to be efficient as well; for example if a fan is attached to a ceiling, you have to make sure there aren't any water leaks coming from above. Your bathroom fans need to be rated and checked for wet conditions.