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The most popular and functional faucets in bathroom remodeling are made out of polished chrome – this material doesn't corrode or scratch even after a long-time use. Even if your bathroom faucets get dirty with soap scum, it is easy to clean them with some cleaner, water and a sponge. Even the faucets with brass finish have chrome plate underlying the surface because of how extremely durable and convenient it is.

A lot of bathroom remodeling tips books and manuals promote polished brass as an alternative to chrome when it comes to your bathroom faucets, but the truth is those are less durable and can become rusty. One way to solve this problem – not in its entirety – is to use lacquer or other type of coating that still are vulnerable to some of the abrasive cleaners out there.

Another popular trend in bathroom remodeling is to install colored-epoxy finishes which are backed on, easy to clean and have quite a lifetime-span; they're, however not as resistant to scratching or cleaners as are brass or chrome finishes.

When installing your bathroom faucet, like with most of your bathroom remodeling projects, the process is either quite easy or it may give you more trouble than you account for. Pros and cons about remodeling bathroom always remark on degree of difficulty in connection with what you already have to work with, for example if your access to the plumbing is essential when changing bathroom faucets. If you're installing a brand new faucet into your bathroom sink it should be relatively simple since you can put in all the plumbing parts before installing your sink. On the other hand, if your bathroom sink is already set in your access to plumbing is only from below it. There are some tools that can make this easier – a basin wrench, for example – but it is still quite an uncomfortable procedure.

There are two kinds of faucets: single piece one, which connects the hot and cold water outlets and a split set one which has separate outlets. Your bathroom sink or bathroom vanity with sink, has to have the exact number of holes to match the faucet type you hope to install. The size of holes is also important and should also match your new bathroom faucets.

You should probably consult your bathroom remodeling how or your bathroom remodeling software for more detailed description of installing a new faucet but removal of an old one is a relatively simple procedure. To disassemble your old bathroom faucet you need to, first of all, turn off the valves at the water supply tubes and use your basin wrench to remove the nuts and bolts that attach the supply tubes to the sink's faucet tailpieces. Next drain all the water in the supply tubes into a bowl, remove locknuts and the washers on faucet tailpieces and lift out the faucet.

Your new bathroom faucet may or may not need some assembly before being installed to the bathroom sink, make sure you consult your bathroom remodeling how to manual as well as the bathroom faucet manufacturer's directions.