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Bathroom Furniture - Storage For Linens And Towels

Bathroom Furniture?!
Who said you can't have furniture in your bathroom? Especially if you have a bathroom that is larger and has some extra space that could use... something. Perhaps a small cupboard, chest, cupboard, armoire or wicker chair can fit into that empty corner or along an unused wall. Furniture in the bathroom will add storage and style. It also warms up the space.

Furniture can really make a difference to a small bathroom as well. There are many furniture manufacturers who offer a variety of stylish and carefully designed furniture items that incorporate smart space saving ideas that are often desperately needed in smaller or unusually shaped bathrooms.

Consider adding the following to your bathroom to create that unique feeling of space that is comfortable, functional and original:

Wicker Chairs
Bathroom Design Ideas Wicker chairs are very popular addition to current bathroom décor. They are light and small and will fit in most corners. They look very pretty as well, adding that countryside feeling to your bathroom. You can replace your boring storage unit such as a shelf unit with a wicker chair where you can keep towels or linens – it looks more casual but also more homey. If you have a corner to spare and don't need to compromise your storage space than a wicker chair is a perfect place to dry yourself on, do your manicure or pedicure. You can always use it to invite a bathroom buddy when you're taking a bath.

Traditional Furniture
Some larger bathrooms can really benefit from more traditional furniture such as armchair or even a loveseat. Again, these seating furniture can serve as storage objects or resting places.

Bookshelf is one piece of furniture that you don't expect in the bathroom, right? Because who reads in there anyway. Well, everyone does. If you think about it, your bathroom is probably the only place where you have complete privacy, perhaps it is the only room in the house that you can lock. Naturally, this also makes it a perfect reading environment. Instead having your books to have to share a space with wet bathroom items such as damp towels or shampoo bottles that just took a shower, consider installing a separate unit to hold your books and magazines only.

There are other furniture/storage items such as étagere that will bring that unique style and functionality to your bathroom. You can buy little units to store on top of one another to form étagere, but you might also choose to use them in groups or individually as traditional tables.

Consider putting in an antique piece of furniture such as curio – usually suited to display collectibles – to store your linens or towels.