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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures For Modern And Traditional Remodeling Projects

And There Was Light
Never underestimate bathroom lightning fixtures when remodeling your bathroom. Modern bathrooms use designs that recognize people's desires and need for privacy and wishes to relax in pleasing surroundings. You may think that bathroom lighting is not important or not as important as let's say a bathroom sink but it is usually the bathroom lighting that makes all the difference.

Besides, most people use their bathrooms to do their shaving and makeup in – it is essential that the bathroom area be well-lit, unless you want to end up with nasty cuts and mismatched eye shadow.

When you consult your bathroom remodeling photos you will notice that even a small bathroom can use a number of different ways of lighting. Let's take a look at some lighting tips.

Bathroom Lighting Tips
General lighting is essential. It's simple: you need to have a bathroom lighting. Even if you are big on candles. Virtually all of the bathrooms have electrical outlets, adding a little lamp besides the main light is one solution if you like to keep your bathroom darker. Consider a gentle 60 W light bulb for that warm feeling.

Medium and large size bathrooms may require more than one light; this is really essential if your bathrooms areas are separated; your shower and toilet may need overhead bathroom fixtures.

Remember that all of the lights need to be watertight and steam proof – the last thing you need after remodeling your bathroom is an electric shock!

General requirements are: 100W or 60W fluorescent lamp for each bathroom lightning fixture.

The most important area in your bathroom when it comes to lighting is the mirror area since this is where you do all your grooming. The bathroom light here should be soft and diffused without a shadow or glare.

Make sure that the light is on you not on the bathroom mirror itself!

According to bathroom remodeling tips the most effective way to light up your face, in the bathroom, is to use at least three bathroom lighting fixtures – one on each side of the mirror and one above you. Side fixtures should be mounted 32" – 40" apart on the wall and install about 60" above the floor. These should use at least 75W bulb and fluorescent lights should be within 20W range with at least 15W fluorescent light above.

For decorative touches consider nightlights mounted on walls or antique lamps on stands.

Finally, bathroom lighting fixtures may be used specifically to illuminate your bathroom's humid atmosphere to aid growing plants.