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Bathroom Mirror And Mirror Frames, Vanities And Lighting Fixtures

When remodeling your bathroom remember that mirrors are one of the most essential bathroom elements and can easily change the way your bathroom looks. As with other decorative elements, have a look at some bathroom remodeling pictures to see what works and what doesn't. For example, did you know that unusual angles of your bathroom will add to the cost of its installation?

A Mirror's Use
The most essential function of a bathroom mirror is to reflect light – artificial and natural. Assuming that you have your bathroom lightning fixtures figured out (three-way or four-way, for instance) and your bathroom vanity is all set in, it is time to take some pleasure in choosing the perfect bathroom mirror to reflect – in more ways than one – your bathroom remodeling ideas.

Mirror Rules
The general rule when choosing your bathroom mirror is that your bathroom vanity, the bathroom lightning fixtures and your bathroom styles should all match. Matching the bathroom mirror frame, for example, to the vanity gives a uniform, stylish look.

Mismatching these two elements is also an option but according to many bathroom remodeling how-to's, it is important to have a very clear idea on how exactly you plan to mismatch your bathroom décor. It shouldn't just happen spontaneously – always keep in mind that your bathroom is less forgiving with space clutter and eccentric design. Some modern bathroom remodeling trends suggest circular, unframed or beveled mirrors.

What to Do
There are a number of remodeling bathroom ideas when it comes to the bathroom mirror:


  1. The bathroom mirror should not be bigger than the vanity over which it hangs. If you have side lights, the edge of the lights can exceed the vanity below, to some degree. A popular design for those with a double-sink vanity is to hang a wall-to-wall bathroom mirror.
  2. Try using mirrors in your bathroom to reflect an object of interest thus increasing its presence. Install your mirror so that it reflects your bathroom window thereby bringing the outside inside.
  3. If you're sharing the bathroom with a loved one, try hanging the mirrors that will reflect both of your styles – his and hers.
  4. Hang a light scone right above the mirror – this will increase the amount of light in your bathroom.
  5. Combined with an arch, a round mirror will give your bathroom an old-fashioned setting.