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Bathroom Plan And Layout Ideas - Remodeling Your Bathroom

So, you have some great bathroom remodeling ideas but no idea where to start? Perhaps you've assembled some bathroom remodeling pictures, maybe you even have a bathroom remodeling how-to book or have collected all kinds of bathroom remodeling tips but you still feel stuck..

As with most serious projects (and this one is serious; it won't happen in one day unless you have special powers), you do need to have an outline. You have to start your bathroom remodeling somewhere, right? Having it all written out and being able to follow step-by-step instructions will save you money, time and, most importantly, will make this as stress-free as possible.

First of all, write down your design idea. What do you want? Do you want a modern, black and white design with sleek mirrors and matching accents like something inspired by the boutique minimalist hotel bathrooms? Or perhaps you are more of a countryside-feel bathroom enthusiast. You know, the white wicker chair in the corner, intentionally stained shelving unit, light tiles, pastel towels and bathroom mats. Write it all down, look at some pictures and talk with family members.

Now You're Ready Bathroom Plan
The biggest difficulty in bathroom remodeling is trying to figure out how to match what you think is your ideal bathroom look with its size limitations. Usually, your bathroom is one of the smallest areas in the house. You may have to consider all the plumbing and electrical wiring obstacles if you're thinking about moving things around.

Next, consider the layout of your bathroom and the areas that you think need fixing: is there enough room for more than one person to use the bathroom (and are you planning to have more than one person use your bathroom at the same time)? If so, is there enough counter space? Are towel racks within your reach? Is there enough storage space? Are the cabinet doors bumping into one another?

Bathroom Lighting
Now you need to plan out lighting. Very often, even the most impressive bathrooms neglect this important feature. Imagine a Van Gogh painting hanging in a dark hallway. What painting? Exactly. So, think about what you have in terms of lighting. Is the lighting good, or should you perhaps install much stronger lighting over the mirror (okay, not that strong. Think about a strip of light bulbs instead of glaring police headlight)? Also, think about pinpoint task lighting and soft lights to create a certain feel to your bathroom. If you plan to install a hot tub, indirect mood lighting may be a good idea.

Once you have your layout drawn, see what you can change and move around on the paper. For example, does it make sense to move units and invest in re-plumbing or moving electrical outlets if moving them won't really add anything to the comfort of your bathroom?