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Bathroom Accesory - Decorative Scale

We live in a society that is becoming very health-conscious, a society that is more and more aware of a number of conditions affected by rapid urban development, such as allergies that are due to pollution or obesity caused by the lack of knowledge about nutrition and exercise. And what does this have to do with your bathroom remodeling, you may ask? Bathroom scales, of course! A little, often overlooked gadget that helps you to control at least some of the aspects of weight gain simply by informing you about what you weigh at a given moment.

Your bathroom plans don't have to account for this useful object because most of bathroom scales are movable and can be stored or conveniently placed where they're not in a way. Bathroom remodeling samples that deal with bathroom accessories don't include scales but we should take a moment here and note some of the contemporary bathroom scales trends:

Doctor's Office Weight Scales
Want to be a trend-setter and health expert at the same time? Why not invest in doctor's Health-o-meter, balance-beam scales that feature foot pads and durable baked-on finish? This type of a bathroom scale is the most accurate (and fun) scale out there!

Big, Stable Bathroom Scale
Bigfoot Scale from Bathroom remodeling ideas comes with a non-slip mat for extra foot space and weighing comfort, and a large dial that is very easy to read. It stands on sturdy feet that make it one of the most stable of all bathroom scales.

Body Fat Analyzers
Body fat analyzer is a bathroom scale with high tech digital mechanism that allows to weigh you and check your body fat at the same time.

Weight Loss Scales
Thinner Slim profile bathroom scales are very stylish-looking, super-slim scales that deliver most accurate weight readings with the most advanced technology.

Self Powered Scales
Precision tech lithium bathroom scale or solar-powered scales both feature lifetime batteries (lithium or natural light) to power themselves. Like most bathroom scales they can weigh up to 300 lbs.

Decorative Scales
Investing in something that diverts from traditional bathroom design is a good bathroom decorating idea. For example a round glass, see-through bathroom scale operates on lithium batteries and displays weight in attractive flat, digital screen.

Fancy Scale
Another bathroom decorating idea that combines bathroom design idea with practical side of healthy living is Oregon scientific bathroom scale that offers a fat monitor displaying body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage through using 6 conductive pads. Oregon bathroom scale offers 5 different setting – 4 for its regular users with memory built in, one for a guest user.