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Bathroom Shower Curtain Designs

You have all kinds of bathroom remodeling ideas. You've looked at some bathroom remodeling pictures and bathroom remodeling how-to manuals. You've filled your new bathroom with all kinds of technologically advanced amenities, got some nice bathroom mirrors and bathroom rugs. But what about your shower curtain?

Like your bathroom rug, a shower curtain is one of those items that is functional and decorative, therefore give it the attention it deserves. If you don't have a glass wall shower cubicle, your shower curtain will be an essential element of your bathroom.

What the Experts Say
Bathroom remodeling gurus always complain that people choose their shower curtains so that they will blend into the background instead of letting their creativity impact such choices. It is not unusual for people to treat the bathroom shower curtain as a main bathroom design element. Far too often, the same patterns, colors and fabrics are chosen, often replacing whatever worked before. Many people don't realize how important this bathroom accessory is until they consult some professional bathroom remodeling pictures where they can witness decorators unleashing all of their bathroom d'cor ideas.

Be Bold
Dare to try something different this time. Let your shower curtain dictate what kind of other bathroom d'cor elements you will allow into your brand new bathroom. For instance, match your rugs with window curtains, let your shower curtains match your bathroom towels or the art on the wall. If you do some online research, you will quickly discover some wonderful bathroom remodeling ideas that will present you with a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and themes of modern shower curtains.

If you're following a single theme for your entire bathroom space, consider the theme of your new bathroom and its color palette before purchasing your new shower curtain. For example, if your bathroom is designed in a countryside style, choose a shower curtain with light patterns. Perhaps something like a sunflower design. A picture of lush grasses and wild flowers could also work. Don't forget that, similar to wallpaper, the design on your shower curtain does not have to fill in the background. Why not let it stand out?

Things to Keep in Mind
Think of these few things when you're remodeling your bathroom and are choosing a new shower curtain:

  • Remember just how visible your shower curtain will be. Will it be hidden off to one side most of the time or will it be front and center when people enter the bathroom?
  • Consider the statement that the rest of your bathroom makes. Would something more gentle fit in better?
  • On the other hand, if you want to create a unique and contemporary look, use patterns that are big on color; don't be afraid to be risky with it. For example, if your bathroom is white, consider a bright yellow curtain to match bright yellow towels and bright yellow trimmings on the vanity.