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Remodeling Bathroom - New Bathroom Sink Or Vanity

Current bathroom remodeling ideas feature a number of styles of bathroom sinks. No longer limited to porcelain white, they are now being made out of stone, glass and steel. The best idea is to look at some bathroom remodeling photos to get a sense what's in store for you when investing in a new bathroom sink.

Many bathroom sinks you'll find today are countertop combinations made of marble. These are slightly cheaper than fancy glass or steel ones and offer one more way to up the look of your bathroom. Also, because they come with a countertop, marble bathroom sink will save you some space and perhaps provide some space to put your bathroom accessories such as a vase with flowers.

If your bathroom remodeling estimate does not include a new sink, consider touching up what you have already. Through changing the bathroom faucets you can affect the look of your bathroom sink quite drastically. For examples get some funky faucet knobs to make your bathroom sink more interesting looking.

If you absolutely can't invest in updating your sink look but are still crazy about bathroom remodeling, consider a sink skirt. This useful and fun device hangs down from the sink's rim and reaches the ground, hiding ugly, rusty plumbing, a bucket or a toilet brush. You can get one of these for your kitchen sink and they usually come with matching bathroom curtains so that your bathroom décor remains consistent.

A couple of things to remember when reinstalling your new or renewed bathroom sink are:

  • Size and model of a bathroom sink. If your bathroom sink is a part of a bathroom vanity, then its size and height may be compromised. It is easier to customize size and height of your bathroom sink if it's freestanding.
  • Height is important. Consider who will be using your bathroom – do you have young kids or are all of the household members adult? If kids are present (or are frequent guests) consider buying a step for them so that they can reach the bathroom sink easily.
  • Material. A laminated sink will rust and will need frequent repairs. Bathroom remodeling how to manuals suggest investing in a good sink – a marble one is the safest choice – instead of tiles or a fancy bathtub.
  • Bathroom faucets. Make sure these are also made out of a material that isn't going to cause them to rust. Stainless steel is the best for bathroom faucets.