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Bathroom Storage And Shelves For Linens And Towels

Prevent Clutter

Clutter is a problem in most houses. Even your new, remodeled bathroom will probably suffer from it. There are many bathroom storage ideas that help to make organizing the clutter and space in your bathroom easier than you think. Bathroom remodeling how to manuals suggest a number of ideas that will make your bathroom space much more convenient.

Bathroom Shelves
Bathroom shelves are the essential storage units; re-think your bathroom shelf idea and try to be creative with it, for example use small corner shelves that fit in between the wall and any bathroom counters. You can stuck a number of these and use them to make a space for your knickknacks, makeup, hair products and other things that you need access to right away.

A wicker or plastic container with a handle on top can hold all your bathroom accessories and can be placed under the counter / bathroom vanity. When you need to use it, you simply take your container out and can conveniently put it back under once you're done with it.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets
Use any "dead" space to install wall mounted cabinets, hooks on back of your bathroom door, bathroom shower caddies, hanging mesh bags for kids' bath toys, hooks for your hair dryer and curler, small carts on wheels holding toiletries.


Dealing With Clutter

Once you're done bathroom remodeling and have your bathroom storage space figured out, make sure you remember to keep it clutter-free. Here are some ideas on clearing the clutter.

Sort Through Clutter
Collect all the bathroom items and decide which ones are necessary for everyday use, which ones are used seldom, which ones you never use at all. Sort these out before replacing them into your bathroom storage spaces.

Keep Necessities
Starting with your bathroom medicine chest, replace only the items you use on regular basis – Q-tips, allergy medicine, etc.

Categorize your drawers into different sections: makeup, hair, nails, shaving, etc. As with all the other bathroom storage spaces, make sure you're filling your drawers with only the items you use on on-going basis.

Put all your small items (travel-size shampoos and face creams) into see-through plastic bins with lids and stack these on top of each other. Evaluate these before storing them – do you need twenty little shampoos or can you afford to part with some and just use the small container to fill in with your regular shampoo instead?

Finally, remember: when in doubt, get rid of it!