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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities can often serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom, so it is important to pay close attention to them when doing bathroom remodeling. The traditional vanity holds a sink and often has a storage space (and plumbing) located under the countertop.

Bathroom Vanity Tips
Because of the countertop, bathroom vanities often get crowded with objects that don't necessary need to be there — shaving creams, razors, body lotion bottles, etc. One of the good ideas is to put side shelving units beside the mirror where these items can be stored.

Other bathroom remodeling tips suggest that bathroom vanity should simply be an area designed for the sink only so that the clutter doesn't happen around it. If you would like to move your sink to a more convenient location, you will need to call a plumber to help you out with your pipes.

Whatever you prefer just keep in mind that bathroom fixtures and remodeling have to always be analyzed in terms of space available to keep your bathroom comfortable while it remains stylish.

Bathroom Vanity Styles
In bathroom remodeling pictures available online you may find that the traditional is often not the trendiest one. Many people who are remodeling a bathroom tend to experiment with this fixture; bathroom remodeling ideas should not be limited to only what is common – it doesn't mean that what we're used to is necessarily better, right? Have fun with your bathroom vanity when remodeling your bathroom!

Here are some trends in vanities; see which one is closest to what you had in mind when thinking about bathroom remodeling:


  • A natural stone vanity is probably the toughest one and it is also timeless in style. The best thing about it is its durability.
  • A wooden base vanity doesn't have the endurance the natural stone one does but it is popular in all of the bathroom remodeling how to manuals because it is pretty and gives a bathroom a unique look – country-style. If your bathroom remodeling estimates project little retouching in the future this is a lovely vanity to choose.
  • Finally, the modern design in bathroom remodeling features one-piece bathroom vanities made out of frosted glass or even stainless steel. They are quite tough and look arty and daring.


    Bathroom Cabinets

    Form and Function
    Bathroom cabinets are probably one set of furniture you'll definitely need in your bathroom as they provide storage and help to lock away all the objects that create clutter and look out of place in your perfect bathroom.

    Bathroom design sources suggest, as with all the other bathroom fixtures, that you need to consider the amount of space. Your bathroom remodeling ideas concerning style are important when you decide on bathroom cabinets, but matter less than their functionality.

    If you need more space perhaps there are some areas where you can borrow the space from such as adjacent storage closet or a hanger that is not being used. Consider using your bathroom cabinets as storage for linens as well – this can be easily accommodated without jeopardizing your space by extending bathroom cabinets up to the ceiling or installing a narrow column of built-in Cubby holes.

    Also, when remodeling bathroom always remind yourself that there are more functions of this room opposite to what we recognize as the canon; consider using small "spice" drawers in your bathroom cabinets to store makeup or nail polish in, or your bathing suit.

    Type of Bathroom Cabinet
    When remodeling your bathroom you need to know that there are two types of bathroom cabinets: traditional and European-style ones. Europeans – because of a postwar shortage of wood – designed cabinets which are frameless. These are featured as alternative to traditional American ones, in all the bathroom remodeling how to manuals.

    The American cabinets cover the rough edges of each box with a faceframe; drawers and doors are usually partially or completely overlaying the frame. One of the bathroom remodeling tips suggests that the frame takes up space and it reduces the size of drawer or door openings. This is why European cabinets may be a way to go when remodeling your bathroom, especially if bathroom space is an issue. The European cabinets are frameless, the frame is substituted by a trim which covers the rough edges. Drawers and doors fit within millimeters of each other and can be sized larger, basically to the full size of the box.

    Remember The Function
    When consulting your bathroom remodeling photos and your bathroom remodeling plans remind yourself again about the purpose of your bathroom before you decide what sort of bathroom cabinets you want to have. Whether you're bathroom remodeling yourself or if you're hiring a contractor, remember that color, style and finish of the bathroom cabinets has to match all the other style elements. Sure, you may think, that's understandable, but you would not believe how many people decide to go funky with their cabinets and discover that they don't match their bathroom accessories, bathroom sinks or bathroom vanity. Why is that? Perhaps because cabinets are often located on a wall, which draws more attention to them, than for example, tiles.