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Industry Standard Prices For Bathroom Remodeling

To get the best return on your bathroom remodeling investment -- whether you're thinking of selling your house or remaining in it, but updating the bathroom design -- you need to know some industry standard prices for bathroom remodeling. Using bathroom remodeling software you can make your own calculations, these are usually under a Cost vs. Value feature. A bathroom remodeling that is done before selling of your house is frequently accounted for an average investment return of seventy-five percent or more! (Just to compare, reproofing has an average investment return of less than sixty percent)Demand for houses increases the value of any remodeling so bathroom remodeling will most likely add more value

One thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out industry standard prices for bathroom remodeling is that some estimates may vary by location and are dependant on market conditions.

Here are some bathroom remodeling projects and advice to consider — this should show you the value of bathroom remodeling and what you need to spend.

  • Bathroom remodel costs about $10,000 and would return about eighty-one percent on that. An improvement that includes replacement of bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets, bathroom sinks, bathroom rugs, bathroom faucets, new standard-sized bathtub or bathroom shower replacement, new toilet, ceramic tile floor as well as ceramic tiles in the bathtub and shower area. You should still have some money left to invest in the bathroom walls — consider painting or lining them with vinyl wallpaper.
  • If you're remodeling a slightly smaller bathroom or if you're adding a small bathroom to your house, costs are similar — about $8500 or so. Your return is much bigger though, ranging in top ninety percentile! If you add a second full bathroom that includes new bathroom vanities, installment of a shower, installment of bathroom exhaust fans as well as installment of bathroom lightning fixtures, ceramic tiles as well as installment of bathroom faucets and bathroom sinks, you should be able to fit within that range. Calculate your costs
  • When you hire contractors to remodel your bathroom your costs will increase expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000, if you supply all the bathroom fixtures and tools. Drywall will create additional costs, however if you're looking to sell your house this is a good investment with a large return.
  • Generally, any additional bathroom accessories will increase your costs — it's a good idea to get professional advice from someone who works in the industry, such as a contractor. There are also a number of bathroom remodeling resources available online as well as Yellow Pages.