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Pros And Cons Of Remodeling A Bathroom

Weigh The Pros And Cons
Deciding whether you want to hire a remodeling contractor to help you remodel your bathroom? There are pros and cons of hiring a remodeling contractor compared to DIY bathroom remodeling. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each in turn to help you arrive at a decision.


Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

Pros of Hiring A Contractor
The cost of hiring a general contractor is only between 15-30% of your bathroom remodeling project costs. This means that unless you're on a very tight budget, hiring a knowledgeable expert isn't that expensive.

A general contractor will report to you an work in accordance with your bathroom remodeling ideas. They bathroom remodeling contractor will also hire and schedule all subcontractors and inspect their progress on bathroom remodeling. They will order the bathroom remodeling supplies and oversee their installation. The contractor will help to resolve any bathroom design or logistical issues pertaining to plumbing and electrical outlet locations in your bathroom.

Lastly, a bathroom remodeling professional or contractor can also oversee all the bathroom remodeling details.

Cons of Hiring A Contractor
The only con is that hiring a contractor requires you to research to make sure you hire a reliable professional to work with you.

Also, for some individuals who are on a tight budget, hiring a contractor may put you over budget.


Do It Yourself Remodeling

Pros of DIY Bathroom Remodeling
If you have good time-management skills and are willing to learn, then a DIY bathroom remodeling project is for you! You also have the opportunity to pick up some very valuable skills along the way.

Cons of DIY Bathroomm Remodeling
A con many individuals run into is that they are unprepared for the aount of dcisions they have to make, such as the amount of time spent finding supplies or negotiation with subcontractors.

Another con of being your own boss is that some people are simply not comfortable supervising others; they don't have the strong problem-solving skills. Some individuals find they are either unable or unwilling to educate themselves about the bathroom remodeling projects. This all means that working with a subcontractor will be difficult.

Tips for Success
To make the most of your do-it-yourself contracting, try to limit yourself to supervising one or two tradespeople. By focusing on smaller jobs that involve fewer people, it's not as likely that you will feel overwhelmed by your job. It is also best to act as your own contractor if you have a lot of free time. If you're retired, self-employed or work seasonally, then you probably won't have much trouble managing your remodeling project.

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