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Remodel Ideas For A Bathroom Floor Makeover

by Clare Kaufman

Repair-Home Columnist

Bathroom floor replacement usually culminates in a layer of ceramic tile. But home remodelers are getting creative, as new moisture resistant materials come onto the market. Check out these bathroom remodel ideas, and get ready for a bathroom floor with function and style.

Floor Remodel Ideas

Yesterday's bathroom floors were limited to vinyl or ceramic tile. Today, just about any material is up to the task of bathroom floor replacement. These bathroom remodel ideas can ensure that your flooring is as chic as it is waterproof.

  • Wood. Hardwood floors have long been a popular choice for home remodeling. But can they withstand the test of bathroom moisture? Yes--with the right precautions. Home remodeling experts recommend filling the cracks between the boards with wood putty, and applying several extra layers of oil-based polyurethane to seal the wood.
  • Bamboo and Cork. 'Green' materials are more hip than ever. Environmentally-conscious home remodelers can choose bamboo and cork, two renewable resources, for their bathroom floor replacement. These materials offer the appearance of wood, but also naturally repel water and resist mildew. Cork flooring is an increasingly popular bathroom remodel idea because it offers a soft and warm surface for bare feet.
  • Carpet. The luxurious feel of carpet beneath your feet...when you step out of the shower? Carpet would seem to have no place in the moist environment of your bathroom. But new high-tech carpet materials feature an antimicrobial, low-toxicity backing that resists mildew and bacteria. The modular tiles can be removed, cleaned and dried with ease. And removable carpet tiles make bathroom floor replacement a breeze.
  • Glass Mosaic. For a breathtaking effect, consider installing a glass mosaic bathroom floor. You'll find every color in the rainbow, even special tiles that change color with temperature. Recycled glass also offers an environment-friendly option.
  • Rubber. For the ultimate in low maintenance and hip style, consider a rubber bathroom floor. Rubber floors offer easy installation and replacement--choose between modular tiles or a single rollout mat.

Who knew your bathroom floor replacement could be an opportunity for creative expression? Today's materials allow home remodelers to make a style statement, without compromising functionality.


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About the Author

Clare Kaufman works as a writer and editor for an online media company. She has completed a graduate degree in English.